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/Sétoise Stuffed Mussels 3 / 2

Sétoise Stuffed Mussels 3 / 2

Descriptif : A typically Sétoise dish, our Stuffed Mussels are prepared in compliance with the savoir-faire and recipes of yesteryear.The cooking is done entirely by hand in the traditional artisanal fashion. Mussels are stuffed by hand with pure pork filling flavored with the herbs of southern France.This excellent Sétoise specialty is made with the most exceptional raw ingredients, especially the large mussels.Our Stuffed Mussels are a guaranteed natural product with no added colors.

ModeEmploi : Serves 6 to 10.Our Stuffed Mussels are ready to serve. For best results, heat the contents of the jar over low heat, then place the stuffed mussels on a platter of rice, spaghetti "al dente" or potatoes.Then coat everything with the rest of the sauce that you have previously mixed with our Sétoise Rouille for a Sète-style presentation.

GenCode : 3288371100070

Largeur : 12.2 cm

Longueur : 21 cm

Volume : 2.5 L

Poids : 2.28 kg

Date limite de consommation : 600 jours


Hauteur : 11 cm

Largeur : 24.4 cm

Longueur : 21 cm

Volume : 5 L

Poids : 4.56 kg

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