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/Appetizer Brandade with Red Pepper106ml

Appetizer Brandade with Red Pepper106ml

Descriptif : This Cod Brandade spread is prepared with the savoir-faire of Azaïs-Polito and has a light texture and refined flavor. The traditional ingredients of this classic sauce and the authentic methods of preparation give it high-end positioning. This brandade is a tasty variation on the classic flavor and is excellent on toast for a South of France-style cocktail hour

ModeEmploi : They are delicious on toasts as appetizer or with our Crunchy Dips.

GenCode : 3288371119355

Largeur : 5.60 cm

Volume : 106 ml

Poids : 70gr

Date limite de consommation : 300j


Hauteur : 7 cm

Largeur : 11.5 cm

Longueur : 37.5 cm

Volume : 12 Unités

Poids : 0.84 g

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