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/Mayonnaise with Fresh Eggs 106 ml

Mayonnaise with Fresh Eggs 106 ml

Descriptif : A world-famous sauce, fine mayonnaise made with fresh eggs is a universal accompaniment to almost any food. Our mayonnaise is one of the few on the market to be made with fresh eggs, which guarantees it an authentic, old-world flavor. The traditional recipe of this world-famous sauce, along with our preparation techniques, make it a product with high-end positioning.

ModeEmploi : Our mayonnaise is made with fresh eggs and is ready for use.It can be served with meat, fish, shellfish and raw vegetables. You can serve it with almost any dish, warm or cold, as you please. It is especially good with shellfish such as our Sea Snails in Court Bouillon.This mayonnaise is the perfect accompaniment for almost any dish.

GenCode : 3288371110420

Longueur : 6.3 cm

Volume : 106 ml

Poids : 70 g

Diamètre : 5.6 cm

Date limite de consommation : 300 jours


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